Lezing 03 juni 2015 20:00 Podium door TOP Delft

IFoT: Impact!, ethical reflection through art

results and debate led by prof. Ibo van de Poel (TU Delft)


This is why Zoë Robaey and Shannon Spruit, two PhD candidates at the philosophy section of TU Delft, developed the idea to explore other forms of expression for students to develop their ethical skills. Their work revolves around ethical aspects of the development and introduction of new technologies in society. New technological developments, such as in the fields biotechnology, nanotechnology and synthetic biology, raise questions on the desirability of these technologies and the new potential risks that might arise from them.

When it comes to expression, artists are a good example to look at how to communicate ideas through other medium such as image or object or sounds. In order to explore means of ethical expression, a series of workshop opened up the world for 23 TU Delft students throughout the past months by bringing them to exchange their thoughts with artists and philosophers. They were coached to express their ethical questions via visual media with the goal of engaging the public with their ethical concerns. The interaction between nature and the build environment, privacy in the age of facebook, and the loss of freedom through automation are only a few of the interesting topics the students have chosen to explore through visual communication. On June 3, the final presentation of the project will take place in the Prinsenkwartier. The students will present their creations and the three best ones will be rewarded by a jury. The exhibition will be hosted by TOP Delft at the Prinsenkwartier from June 3 to June 10.