Workshop 07 december 2017 19:30 stadslab

Do you want to learn how to prep files for lasercutting?
Are you creative but not skilled at computer drawing?
Or do you just really want a home-made design clock?
Then this course is for you!
In 2-3 hours you will learn the basics of Inkscape, a free drawing programme.
19:30 Walk-in and explanation about Maakbaar
19:45 Explanation of Inkscape
20:15 Brainstorming creative session
20:30 Start drawing!
21:00 Time left to laser some kickass clocks!
If you have not followed the workshop lasercutting: the basics – I can laser it for you.
Just want to learn to draw? Price: €30,-. 
Materials for clock and lasercutting: €10,- extra.
Send a message to to sign up or sign up in this event!
Note: download the programme on the internet before coming in.