Open source DIY 3D-printing

Workshop 24 april 2016 stadslab

Why give someone a plastic fish when you can teach her to print one? Come join our Maakbaar meet-up for a taste of the diverse, robust, and empowering world of DIY 3D printing, developed by and for tech enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Get inspired by the way designers and craftsmen use 3D modeling and printing technology for rapid prototyping, like Delft’s M-edelsmeden&design.

Despite all the advances in reliability, quality and ease over the last few years, we are still only at the tip of an innovation revolution that will see a spectrum of additive manufacturing technologies eventually reach their way into everyone’s home, school and office.

As a hands-on introduction to our new Maakbaar makerspace, we’ll have several variations of DIY 3D printer models available for attendees to use, including “Delta”, “Cartesian” and “Stereolithography” designs. We’d also like to allow everyone the opportunity to create their own printable objects using popular browser-based modeling software, but are short on computers and looking for volunteers. Please contact us if you are willing to bring or share your own laptop; we’ll make space for you!

Free & open to all ages, especially the young-at-heart

Contact: eveline[at] (replace [at] by @)